Senator Zell Miller has a new book coming out titled "A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat", and the Washington Times posts three excellent excerpts:
1. How Democrats lost the South
2. 'Able Democrats, but left-wing all the way'
3. In pursuit of an American Churchill

Senator Miller was twice elected governor or Georgia and served there from 1991 - 1999 (after serving 16 years as lieutenant governor). He was then appointed to a vacant Senate seat in 2000 and has served there for the past 3 years. He has said he will not seek election in 2004 when his term expires.

I respect Senator Miller a great deal, not only because his positions are closer to mine than are most Democrats', but because he is a rational, intelligent gentleman who doesn't pander and manipulate for political purposes. He has been a strong supporter of the War on Terror and of President Bush, and has even announced that he's going to vote for Bush in 2004 because of his disaffection for his own party.

I recommend reading the excerpts above, and the book sounds quite interesting itself. I suspect that Senator Miller speaks for a great many Democrats who have started seeing their party in a new light over the past decade. The Democrats would serve America well by following the lead of Senator Miller rather than Howard Dean, and the real story of 2004 will not be the immediate presidential election, but rather the party dynamics that will either splinter the Democrats and allow them to be reborn, or will give their radicals enough of a mandate to cling onto power for 4 more years.



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