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Back row: Joey, me, and Ernesto.
Middle row: Kevin, Emon, Katrina, Alexis, Alayna, and Alex.
Front row: Tony, Troy, Robert, and Lisah.

Rockstars is the name of our childrens ministry at church (one of the places I serve). The "Rock" is Jesus Christ, and the letters S-T-A-R-S stand for the five purposes that drive the ministry:

S - Share Christ with others.
T - Team up with other Christians.
A - Advance in our knowledge of Christ.
R - Recognize our gifts and use them for God.
S - Surrender our lives in worship to God.

On Sunday mornings we focus on Team and Advance, and I work with the 3rd through 5th graders during the first service (at 9am). Today we had all 9 of our regular kids present at the same time, so we took a picture of the whole group, along with my fellow leaders.



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