Pornographers -- or as I like to call them, "pornologists" -- are more market-savvy than music executives, judging from this article describing the present woes of the "adult publishing" industry and the adjustments its making.

NEW YORK - After 35 years in the business of titillating and offending, pornographer Al Goldstein says his magazine can't compete anymore. The audience is just as large, he says, but the Internet has transformed the product and its delivery. ...

Goldstein said circulation woes throughout the field show "we are an anachronism; we are dinosaurs; we are elephants going to the bone cemetery to die. ... The delivery system has changed, and we have to change with it if we want to survive." ...

Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt, who says his company has succeeded in the new marketplace, agrees that magazines are a dying breed.

"This past decade has been very, very bad for men's magazines and it could become worse," he said by phone from his office in Los Angeles. "I'm not going to say it's going to become extinct because some people will always want to feel that magazine in their hands, but it's never going to have the impact it once had."

Porn isn't completely analogous to music -- anyone can produce porn but (supposedly) good music is harder to come by. Nevertheless, it's amusing to me that the porn industry is scrambling to stay ahead of the technology curve, while the more more highly-respected music industry is still hanging onto its prehistoric business model.

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