I'm dreaming...

I wrote about the rain last night, but at the time I didn't realize that it was hailing and snowing just 10 miles east of me. That's incredible. Watts, Compton, and South Gate were hit hardest, and they saw up to 5 inches of rain and 2 inches of hail.
"This is an extremely rare event," said Stuart Seto, a weather specialist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard. "To get five inches of rain in two hours is something you usually see only in a hurricane."

"The whole street turned white with the hail, plenty big, like marbles," said Ramon Flores, 33, who works at Thee Sound Shop, a consumer electronics store in the 1800 block of Long Beach Boulevard. "It took a break for about half an hour, but another hour later, the ice started again."
As you can imagine, if Los Angeleans talk about rain for hours, this'll be the top story on local news for a week or more. Unless there's a good car chase or something.



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