In the spirit of the season, How Not to Eat Lunch:

1. Drive across town to different building to do work, but then be told that you're too early.
2. Go to El Pollo Loco; order something on the giant menu, but then try to explain exactly what that item is to the guy at the register. Hint: it's got chicken in it, and tortillas.
3. Get salsa, for some reason. This is critical.
4. Spill salsa in car, because the little plastic tubs are not salsa-tight.
5. Drive to work, carry dripping lunch to building.
6. Remember that you left your badge in the car.
7. Return to car, get badge, return to building.
8. Start eating lunch.
9. Spill salsa everywhere, particularly on every piece of clothing you're wearing, including at least one sock.
10. Go to afternoon meetings, act like nothing happened.



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