A World Tribune article says the US is deploying 20,000 troops to the Syrian border. I don't know anything about the World Tribune, and the link looks perishable.

The United States has deployed 20,000 troops along the Syrian border after Syria failed to stop militants from crossing into Iraq.

As late as October, U.S. officials said hundreds of Islamic insurgents were crossing into Iraqi from Syria. They said Syrian authorities had failed to respond to U.S. appeals to stop the flow of insurgents.

U.S. military officials said the U.S. troop presence was bolstered beginning in September and has resulted in a significant drop in infiltration from Syria. The U.S. troops are based in the Iraqi province of Anbar, Middle East Newsline reported.

So, is there a "flypaper strategy" to lure would-be terrorists to Iraq, or not? Maybe the plan with this deployment isn't to discourage the influx, but rather to deal with it west of Baghdad. Maybe it's all just smoke and mirrors.



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