It's been a very busy 24 hours. Yesterday at around this time I left work early to go home and prepare an early Thanksgiving feast for some friends. We did it pot-luck style and everyone brought something great -- so it's not like I did all the work -- but I did reconfigure my living room into a large dining area and then prepare 7 pounds of mashed potatoes. Peeling potatoes isn't fun, but eating potatoes sure is. Plus lots of turkey, way too many pies, too few rolls, and all the other stuff you'd expect. A good time was had by all.

This morning: up bright and early and off to the DMV. I'd moved since I got my license (7 years ago), and the renewal notice had been lost in the mail (surprise!). Since it expires on my birthday (December 7th!) I figured I should get that taken care of. Fortune conpired in my favor, and I had another errand to run at the DMV as well. I arrived at 9am, waited 2.5 hours, required less than 5 minutes of assistance, and then left... late for work. They need a triage desk that seperates people by how long they're going to take to help.

I've got a stack of anomalous bills that I've been putting off dealing with, so I brought those along to do over lunch. Mysteriously, several companies decided to cash my checks without then crediting my accounts; there's a good business model for you. Naturally, none of the customer service people / blood-sucking vampires know anything about such strange occurrences. They'll be happy to do something, however, if I can kindly have my bank fill out a bunch of forms and fax them back and forth for a while. Yeah, right, I'm sure the people at the bank don't have anything else to do than deal with my creditors.

Oh yeah, and my car is almost out of gas. But! One thing it's not out of is tangy orange-pineapple slurpee, because spilled a giant one on the floor.



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