To conclude a story I first mentioned two months ago: "Girl abandons Caucasian Club effort".

The girl who tried to start a Caucasian Club at her California high school has abandoned the effort and transferred to another school, driven away, her parents say, by the harassment and name-calling she suffered from other students.

Lisa McClelland, 15, left Freedom High School in Oakley and began attending another secondary school in the Liberty Union High School District several weeks ago, said her mother, Debi Neely.

Note the ironic name of the school: Freedom High School, part of the Liberty Untion School District. She did her best, though.
Lisa met with a cool reception from school administrators when she produced a petition with 250 signatures in support of a Caucasian Club in September.

Her principal gave her the go-ahead to move through the chartering process, but she was unable to find a faculty adviser, a requirement for forming a club.

It's a shame that no faculty member had the spine to sponsor her organization.



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