"Teen Bomber's Dad Condemns Palestinian Militants" says the headline, and I'm glad to see that he's not blaming Israel. Unfortunately, the majority of Palestinians support the ongoing intifada that has claimed so many lives, and blame their misery on the Israelis rather than on their own leaders. Arafat and his terrorist cronies are using the Palestinian people as pawns in their own game, and until the Palestinians realize that they're going to continue suffering.

From my earlier post (based on this September, 2002, poll of Palestinians):

- 52% oppose peace negotiations with Israel.
- 73% are pessimistic of a reaching a peaceful settlement to the conflict.
- 66% are opposed to the Oslo agreement.
- 80% support the continuation of the al-Aqsa Intifada.
- 53% believe that the Intifada will achieve its object.
- 65% support suicide bombing operations against Israeli civilians [the poll question specifically mentions civilians].
Get a clue. Sometimes the best option is to surrender, particularly when your opponent is a democracy whose people would be more than happy to let you live in peace and prosperity.



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