I hate dating. Now, obviously, if you read my Monogomy post, you'll realize i'm currently a special case, but I've always hated dating. I luckily never really had to ask a girl out for the first 23 years of my life (please, no death threats), but the actual post-phone number process is almost as bad as trying to get it in the first place. Michael's plane-chick notwithstanding, once you've sifted through the piles of fake phone numbers or women who gave you your phone number for no apparent reason cause you'd never call them in a million years unless you opened your own seaworld, you have to actually go on a date. But you won't be dating a real person, you're dating an actor. They may not get paid, and they may not even know they're an actor, but thats what they're doing nonetheless. And as much as I think I'm always just myself, there is no way it is true because sometimes, girls actually want to go on second dates.

I'm not sure when this whole everyone-is-fake-and-stupid thing actually started, but I feel it's reached epidemic proportions. It's reflex. It's probably universal, and could probably go back to "three amoebas were sitting in a bar, and damnit, the amoeba chick went home with the jerk amoeba, what the heck is wrong with the world". No mention of the jerk amoebas huge pecs and chisled chin, of course. He was probably gay anyway.

My question is, I guess, is this really universal? Does everyone think everyone is fake? Does everyone think everyone but they are fake? Or that just the opposite sex is fake? I've stated my belief - everyone is fake by reflex. Not maybe as fake as the hot-ass Britney Spears guy, but fake.



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