I was talking to my brother earlier about the supermarket workers strike, and he had a pretty choice quote:

"Why the heck are they striking, man? They've already struck gold!"

This was in response to some of the wages that these people were making; While obviously not everyone is paid the same (I'm living proof some people get paid less!) even some of the middling pay rates were higher than anything my english-major brother was making as either skate park manager or "Cabana Pat, the backyard concierge".

Of course, I don't think these strikes are about wages, but benefits, and this is where it gets kind of hairy. I have no idea how much their benefits are changing, but I do know that the cost of medical benefits in the last few years have gone completely insane, and this is a big problem for business in california, as well as the workers, and "something" needs to be done about it. My first response is to deregulate em all and let the market sort em out, but that isn't always the best solution.



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