I'm a big fan of the federal reserve, and the fiat monetary system that we have in place, regardless of how I sound in some of my other posts. Regardless, the fed, more than anything in this country other than the Kennedy assasination, is the focus of a large amont of consipracy theories. Here is a page typical of the federal reserve conspiracy myths - I'm not going to debunk them now, though I will say that fact #1 is my favorite.

I bring this up because, unlike most conspiracy theories, I don't feel I have an answer to a lot of these questions or points. The main reason I like The Fed is that here, unlike in most south american contries, we don't end up with the government overtly printing more money as a nice little substitute for taxation. It's tough to be fully behind a system that even Allan Greenspan isn't actually for; he seems to be in favor of a return to the gold standard, but perhaps that's changed in recent years. Regardless, the whole situation is fascinating to me due to how complex it is, and how difficult it is to really say who is in control of the fed, and what kind of long term effects on wealth in this and other counties the fiat system has. Maybe I'm just a little drunk. Hey, at least I posted something on my weekend.

Oh, another good site, here . Short and sweet and much less crazy than normal. I'll post later on why I disagree with any of this, but I think anyone who lives in this country should understand the arguments against the fed.

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