I've seen a lot of statistics recently about how no one knows who any of the democratic candidates are, or that the democrats are floundering, or the democratic party will be dead soon. I find it kind of funny, because it reminds me of the way things were when I first started following politics seriously. I was fifteen, a rabid republican, but I did have some idea about one of the democratic nominees, someone named Paul Tsongas. Of course he didn't end up being nominated, that Bill Clinton guy did. He was going to get waxed anyway.

But in the end, he didn't. Now everyone and their mom has been talking about similarities between this upcoming election and the 1992 one, because of the Father-Son issue. But I think the state of the democratic party, and its nominees, is just as similar, and just as important. Really, selling the democrats short before they even nominate someone, no matter how ridiculous any or all of their candidates seem, would be a mistake.

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