Cypren points to to a CNN story titled: "Iraqi official says limited German, French help won't be forgotten".

MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- A top Iraqi official attending an international conference on raising funds to rebuild Iraq warned Thursday that France and Germany's limited donations would not be forgotten.

Ayad Allawi, the current head of Iraq's U.S.-appointed governing council, said he hoped German and French officials would reconsider their decision not to boost their contributions beyond funds already pledged through the European Union.

"As far as Germany and France are concerned, really, this was a regrettable position they had," Allawi said. "I don't think the Iraqis are going to forget easily that in the hour of need, those countries wanted to neglect Iraq."

Which, of course, is part of why certain countries wanted us to fail. They already had profitable arrangements going with Saddam, and now they have to deal with an entirely different government, which isn't turning out to be too fond of the former tyrant's business partners. (His most recent partners, anyway, considering that the US did business with Saddam's regime in the 80s.)



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