One thing I like about President Bush is that he's not afraid to try to clean up the garbage America has left lying around the world for far too long.

WASHINGTON — Eager to please a key Florida constituency, President Bush directed his secretary of state and his Cuban-born housing secretary Friday to recommend ways to achieve a transition to democracy in Cuba after 44 years under Fidel Castro (search).

Secretary of State Colin Powell and Housing Secretary Mel Martinez (search) will chair a panel that will "plan for the happy day when Castro's regime is no more and democracy comes to the island," Bush said during a Rose Garden ceremony.

"The transition to freedom will present many challenges to the Cuban people and to America, and we will be prepared," the president said.

Bush also said the United States would step up enforcement of existing restrictions against the communist regime, such as a ban on tourism by Americans, and crack down on the trafficking of women and children in Cuba. The United States also will launch a public outreach campaign to identify "the many routes to safe and legal entry" for Cubans who try to flee their homeland, he said.

Yeah yeah, "eager to please a key Florida constituency" and such, but still -- action is action. I approved of Clinton's bombing of al Qaeda in the 90s, even though he only did it to distract us from Monica and I knew it would be ineffectual.



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