I saw "School of Rock" Friday night, and it was a blast. It's not a typical Jack Black vehicle -- it's rated PG-13, and most of the characters aren't even that old -- but he still brings quite a bit of humor to an otherwise run-of-the-mill kids comedy.

The plot isn't particularly deep, and you've seen it 100 times before, but what makes the movie really shine are the performances of the kids, who are almost all outstanding. Hard core rock gives the movie a lot of energy, and Jack Black harnesses his own obvious passion and makes you really believe he's pouring it into a class-full of elementary-age kids.

Despite the overall theme of "sticking it to the man", the movie is funny without being bitter or terribly angry. Black's character rails against authority a few times, but at a very mild level that young kids can appreciate; in the end everything turns out warm and fuzzy, including the parents and the school principal.

Even though you'll see the ending coming a mile away, "School of Rock" will leave you smiling. I couldn't turn my eyes and ears away from the closing credits, and when I left the theater I was grinning and playing air guitar.



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