Reno is pretty nice. Yesterday it was freezing cold, today it's blazing hot, and it's been bone dry the whole time. Supposedly Reno gets rain and snow in the winter, but I doubt I'm going to see any.

I went to a casino called the Silver Legacy last night, and the first thing I noticed about Reno casinos is that they're a lot smokier than casinos in Las Vegas. Maybe the places in Vegas (,baby, Vegas) have newer ventilation systems, who knows.

I played nickel video draw poker for 3 hours, intent on winning the $212 progressive jackpot with a royal flush. I got within 1 card of a royal flush 4 times in those 3 hours, and I drew 5 4-of-a-kinds (which each paid 125 nickels). Overall, I was down $25 after three hours. By those odds, I would need to play around 30 hours to expect to get the jackpot, at a cost of $8 an hour -- not a very efficient use of my time, and not very profitable.

I tried my best, and I failed. The lesson here is: never try.

Today: look for a buffet. Mmmmmm... buffet. The best buffet I ever had was at the Aladdin in Las Vegas, and I highly recommend it. I don't know if we'll find something that nice here, but we'll give it a shot.



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