Well, the recall is over, so let's see how my predictions panned out. My last minute "out on a limb" guess was:

- Recall Grey Davis: 70% yes, 30% no.
- Arnold, Bustamante, McClintock: 50%, 28%, 20%.

According to the Secretary of State (ha, what does he know?!) my guess for the first part was way off, but for the second I was pretty close -- most significantly, Arnold almost did get a majority, and he got more votes than Davis did (via those voting "no" on the recall itself)!

Shall GRAY DAVIS be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?
Votes Percent

Yes 4,337,066 55.2
No 3,531,967 44.8

Leading Candidates to succeed GRAY DAVIS as Governor if he is recalled:
Candidate Party Votes Percent

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rep 3,677,005 48.5
Cruz M. Bustamante Dem 2,415,693 31.9
Tom McClintock Rep 1,010,469 13.4
Peter Miguel Camejo Grn 211,038 2.8
Arianna Huffington Ind 42,404 0.6
Peter V. Ueberroth Rep 21,913 0.3
Larry Flynt Dem 15,305 0.3
Gary Coleman Ind 12,614 0.2
George B. Schwartzman Ind 10,856 0.2
Mary Cook Ind 9,974 0.2



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