Yay, I finally got some nifty PNG graphic libraries to compile into the Quake 2 source code, and now I can generate PNG images as output files for my PhD dissertation project. The text maps I was using previously were a real pain to read, and the new color-coded pictures look really cool.

Want to see? Well, ok! The image is pretty small (32x32); each color represents one of 4 tribes that can control a sector of territory, and its resources; a black sector is not controlled by anyone.

This image was taken from the very early stages of a simulation run, and the control patterns are basically random. However, after the tribes have some time to learn and grow, I hope to see territorial boundaries emerge around food concentrations, just as would happen with tribes of real humans. The tribes will learn to use simple language constructs to coordinate their members' activities (such as attack, defense, and mating), and will then compete for resources in the simulated world.

Time for bed!



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