I have a fun dillema. My girlfriend does not particularly believe in monogamy. At the same time, she doesn't actually act on this belief. I don't really have any concerns either way about monogamy...being in this situation is, theoretically, every guys dream, right? Eat your cake, have it too, etc etc. Only two problems with this:

To make it work in my favor, it seems I'd have to lie to any girl I dated

I'm really, really good at lying, but this just isn't something I can lie about

I guess the obvious solutions are "stop being an idiot" or "find a girl who doesn't care", but I thought I'd broach the issue and maybe see what people thought about the morality or "correctness" of the whole thing anyway. Is monogamy or being monoamorous the only way to go? Does anything else make sense? Is my little problem entirely a societal construct?



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