Although I'm sure this will come across as just more bias on my part, some comments made in response to a post by Bill Hobbs really seem on-point to me. Bill wonders why lefty-type bogs don't seem interested in supporting Operation Give (the non-political, blog-started toy drive for Iraqi children), and his commenters (from both sides) express a lot of opinions on the matter. What strikes me is just how incredibly bitter, angry, mean, rude, and spiteful some people on the left seem to be.

Plunge, the administrator for Chief Wiggles' site comments that:

A while ago, I invited bloggers from the left to read the Chief's blog and, if they liked, to post a link.

That was a big mistake. The Chief's blog is a journal and was never meant for heavy debate. While the bloggers themselves were extremely kind, even when sceptical, I can not say the same for their readership. I have never read such hateful comments towards our country, the soldiers, the Chief directly and his family. I quickly ended the invitation, thanked the bloggers that participated, and tried to forget the whole thing.

In response, a commenter named smilink writes of his experience trying to collect toys at his work, Hewlett-Packard.
I'm working at Hewlett-Packard. I put up some very nice posters about the toy drive, with permission, and they were *all* taken down down the very next day by anonymous a**holes.

I have gotten *zero* toys from this place, and that includes the 14+ people in my own department. On the other hand, my local bar has donated over 5 boxes worth of stuffed animals and school supplies. Even chronic drunks are more generous than liberals with an agenda.

People depress the crap out of me sometimes. And Plunge, your experience is not unique. For people with the 'moral high ground' the liberals I meet these days are some of the nastiest a**holes I've ever seen.

Obviously not all leftists are like that, but I am constantly amazed by the bitterness and wretchedness that seem to consume many of the hard-core left.



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