This isn't going to work, I don't think. Looking around my apartment, I can't even keep this place vaguely decent, so I definitely don't have time to be updating a blog. But now that I've had a bit to drink I guess it's time to sit down and try. With Ahnold now The Gubernator, I think about how he potentially could be, for me, the closest thing to a perfect candidate I've seen in any election for a while, as he appears fiscally "conservative" and socially "liberal" (I'll explain the quotes in a later entry; suffice to say I find both titles ridiculous). His stances (or lack thereof) in this campaign made me think a bit about why I do not identify with either the Democratic or Republican party, even though I imagine most people I know would peg me as a Democrat - to me, both partys are trying to control our lives in unacceptable ways.

The Democrats want to control how we deal with each other. Political correctness, legislated charity (welfare, etc), some of which may have an arguably useful social purpose, but all of which has a political purpose. They try to form their utopian society through the engineering of society on a whole.

The Republicans want to control how we live our private lives. Now-defunct sodomy laws, the war on drugs, prayer in schools. I'll put in things like video game and television violence and/or sex here too, even though people now associate that with Joe Lieberman - trust me, he may be a democrat, but he's not a "liberal".

Interestingly, both partys for the most part (or maybe just in my mind) have developed a reputation of trying to fight, or at least lessen, the control the opponents have on their chosen aspect of society. But it seems, at least in this obviously Beamtenherrschaft age, that were sliding slowly into more and more state control, regardless of any recent changes or setbacks. The state will always strive for more control, and has not, in my opinion, come close to representing the will of the people in a couple hundred years. Not that thats a bad thing.



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