Mike just said I'm biased, but I don't think I am. It's just that, in most major ideological matters, I've already analyzed the evidence and made up my mind. If being "unbiased" means being unsure and constantly wavering, then I'm not unbiased I guess. But to me, once the information has been gathered and considered, and a decision has been made, it's not "bias" for me to be confident that my position is the correct one.

I am generally open to new evidence and willing to consider other positions if the situation warrants it. For example, I used to be totally against the War on Drugs and took a very libertarian position, but I've since reconsidered and I'm not really sure what the best policy would be, even though I know the status quo is incredibly harmful. Likewise on other issues, such as using public money for space exploration.

So yes, I'm generally pretty confident in what I believe, and I think that I've got a good amount of logic and evidence to support my positions. I also like to think that I'm open to new ideas and to changing old ones, but I'm not going to jump on every bandwagon or concede that every contrary position is rational and worthy of real consideration.

However, Mike assures me that this wasn't the meaning of "biased" he intended, and that he really does think I have "a preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment".



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