Hey all, I'm home. I know some of you missed me more than others -- ahem -- but that's ok. I just finished reading all of Mike's posts, and he did a really great job while I was gone. The male Britney thing was a little unnecessary, but to each his own. I prefer this image, myself:

As for Vegas (,baby, Vegas), I had a great time. There's nothing more fun then rollin' the bones with your pastor and winning $15 -- except for the other guys I was playing with who won $100. Craps was pretty good to me, but blackjack was cruel and vicious, and let's not talk about any of the video poker machines.

Aside from gambling, I went water-skiing and wakeboarding on both sides of Hoover Dam, and I'm wiped out. My whole body is sore. The wakeboard is wicked fun, and if I went more than once a year I think I'd be pretty good on it.

I took a bunch of pictures, and I'll probably post one or two next week, once I get some rest.

Oh yeah, when I got home my internet connection wasn't working. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support (after finally finding a number for them that wasn't out of service), and after they escalated my call they told me that there's an area-wide outage. Gee thanks, did we need to trouble-shoot for an hour? Eh.

I'll have more to say tomorrow or something. My brain hurts; I fell on the lake a few too many times, I think. Hopefully Mike will stick around and keep writing, but he keeps threatening to quit because it's "not [his] thing", but whatever. It's not like he has anything better to do except make the same arguments on IRC.

Ok, I'm off.



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