I know everyone is eager to see some pictures of the haunted house I've been working on, and I'm happy to oblige. Posting may be sparse tomorrow because I'll be busy doing last-minute decorations, but the S4 should keep you occupied.

Here are two shots from the front -- that's my friend Rob standing by the light pole, and his daughter Marley running in the background.

The main structure is built around three EZ-Up awnings, and the walls are made from black plastic tarp and PVC pipe. There's lots of staples, tape, rope, and pipe holding the contraption together. We've got the entire building wired for electricity for our lights, music, and fog machines. It may look like a bum's mansion in the daylight, but once all the effects are going it's really pretty awesome. While we were working on it yesterday, some teenagers walked past and I overheard them saying, "That's the scariest haunted house I've ever been in; I'm not going in this year, no way."



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