I just heard on KFI 640 that Governor Davis "wants your homes to burn!" because, apparently, he has refused to request the use of military fire-fighting planes that are stationed in Southern California. One of our Representatives (I missed the name) arranged for the Air National Guard to fly the water-dropping planes, but Davis said no.

Flipping through the stations as I was driving to work, someone on KABC 790 said that the the forest service stopped performing controlled burns in the San Bernardino National Forest in the early 1980s because of complaints from environmentalists. The speaker also said that the forest density is much higher than it was hundreds of years ago, because the Indians used to start fires from time to time that would never get put out, and we put out all the fires that are started by lightning. Combined with the recent dung beetle infestation that has killed a lot of trees, he said that the whole forest could go up in smoke. I hope not.



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