This is a (fictitious?) set of journal entries written by my friend Christina Casillas and submitted to the Second Annual Spherewide Short Story Symposium.

June 21
Today is exactly the week after school let out. I'm so glad because I got to graduate as a junior. I had all my credits, so I got to graduate early. I'm so excited because mom actually let me go on a road trip…. Well, sort of. I'm on the Greyhound Bus on my way to see my dad iin Colorado cause my "new" family drives me crazy. I think this will help or at least the clean air will. When my parents were together we all lived in Santa Monica. It was 13 years ago that my parents divorced, I was just about to turn 4. Now I live with my mom, her husband, Tom and Joey, their daughter in Beverly Hills. Joey is 8 years old and very annoying. Anyways…. We all live in mom's "dream house" which just happens to be the same size of the White House! Tom is some producer or something for Fox Studios. We don't really "click"; actually I don't click with any of my family members. And I can admit I can be a bitch, all girls can be. I'm not perfect and that's where my family disagreements come from. Only time I'm really happy is reading, eating, sleeping or with my best friend Emma or with my grandma, who is my dad's mom. Well, my transfer is coming up so I'll write later, don't worry I always have thoughts to write. Bye.

I'm still on the bus; we are now in fabulous Las Vegas!! It's my first time here. I'm pretty excited, sort of. What is there to do? Well it's not like we're stopping anyway, I guess I'll just look. I feel bad for the driver; she has to stay up the whole time. I wouldn't be able to do that. For the last hour I've been looking at the other people on the bus. It's mostly older people; they're probably going on vacation or visiting their families. There is a boy and a girl who are my age on the bus. They are probably getting eloped. I don't know if I'd have the guts to do that…. Maybe my boyfriend would. Oh yeah, I havenn't written about my boyfriend. His name is Shane. He's almost 2 years older than I am. We met through one of his friends who went out with Emma. We've been together for about 1 year, 7 months and 21 days… but who's counting? HA! He took me to prom when I was a freshman, sophomore and this last prom I took him. The first year I went to prom with him was the first for lots of things. I drank for the first time at the after parties and we did it for the first time too. I've always promised myself to wait for the "one" or until marriage, but I felt like this guy is the best thing that's happen to me. It was so fun, beautiful and magical. Ever since then we can barely be apart. Usually a girlfriend wouldn't be apart from her boyfriend for the whole summer, but not me. Shane and I trust each other. He would never cheat on me. I'm getting really tired, so I'll write tomorrow. Bye…again.<

June 22
This morning when I woke up (from a terrible sleep), I found out that we were just entering Colorado. It's really beautiful. Right now, we are driving through tunnels and can only see the mountains that are painted green, which surround us. Our next stop is Georgetown. I remember last year my History teacher talked about his high school road trip. He stopped in Georgetown when him and his friends got lost. They ended shopping and staying over night. He said that the best thing about Georgetown was the delicious ice cream. YUM! I hope that they have Cookies'N'Cream.
Last night I had a really weird dream. Shane and I were walking along the beach when all of a sudden it was just desert, no shore at all. It reminded me of the Sahara desert or the desert in Star Wars when Luke was going to be pushed in that monster with the mouth in the sand. Anyways…. While we were together I tried to kiss him, but it hurt, like a bee sting or something. I woke up afterward and couldn't remember any other part of my dream.
Right now I'm listening to my CD's. I'm always happy when I listening to my CD's. The CD I'm listening to right now is the soundtrack to Almost Famous. I love that movie. I wish I could be like Penny Lane and just meet cool bands and be free to tour with them and go anywhere and everywhere! But I wouldn't let them all bone me. I got some principles in life, you know. I'm a Christian girl. I guess that's a little messed up though, since I'm not a virgin, but I really think its love. Mom doesn't know, but I'm not that close to her, so why should I tell her? It seems like I only come into her attention when something bad happens. She never congratulates me or says anything close to a positive jester. Ugh! Okay, well I'll write later, I want to look out the window more. Bye!

Hello…..again! Guess what! They did have Cookies'N'Cream!& It was some of the best Ice Cream I have ever eaten. Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Picture me looking like Homer Simpson drooling over a doughnut in front of all these strangers on this bus. They also had some pretty cool shops. I went into this antique jewelry shop. I wanted to buy the whole place, but thanks to some of mom's wonderful spending money, I got to get a few things. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I got someone's number along with that delicious ice cream. He is almost as delicious looking actually. But don't worry I'm not cheating. We talked a little and what a ca-winky-dink…. He lives in Littleton. That's outside of Parker City where my dad lives. We exchanged numbers (I gave him my cell number), but I doubt he'll call. By the way, his name is Flynn. Cool name, huh. Well, I'm going to take a nap; I'll probably be at my dad's by tonight. Bye.

June 24
Good morrow! I love that line. Last night my dad forgot to pick me up at the bus station, so I ended up taking a cab to his house, which took forever to find. The perverted driver was too busy looking down my shirt in the mirror that he forgot to keep track of the miles, so when he dropped me off I just gave him a 10. When I got to my dad's door I had to ring the bell about 5 times. At last some fake-boobs lady answered the door. At first I thought I was at the wrong house but then I saw my dad zipping up his pants down the hall and I knew I was at home. God, how embarrassing…. For me! And what made everything worse was he sayinng "Oh, Betsy (what kind of name is that?) This is ah, ah, my daughter, Lynn." Well screw you too dad. He didn't even apologize for not picking me up. What a dick! Maybe I should stay in a hotel this whole time because it looks like Betsy will be coming here just as much as any other horny old fart would. Later, after Betsy left I snuck into his kitchen to get some midnight grub. Houston, we have a problem! No food! Just some Coors and what looked like Chinese food. Yuck! So I called for Pizza. I didn't even worry what time it was; if I didn't eat I would die!
This morning when I woke up I was hoping to talk to dad, but instead I found some money on the fridge and some sappy note. I just took the money. My plans were to take a shower and grub a little, but I remembered that there was no food, so I decide shower and then head to the closes Jumba Juice. After my shower I grabbed my bag, my camera, dad's money and my cell with Flynn's number (just in case I was extremely desperate). My first stop was at a mini-mall where I found a Jumba Juice. I got my regular order: Razzmatazz with Femme Boost and Pizza Bread for protein. That's when I remembered that I was supposed to call mom last night, so I called right then. Boy was she excited to her from me. I told her about my ride on the bus and the Cookies'N'Cream. She asked if dad remembered to pick me up. What do you think I said? "Of course." I hate when she yells at him, she's not even married to him anymore. She said that Shane called right after I left and asked for me to call him. So once I got off the phone with mom I did.
He was so excited I had to put the phone like a foot away from my ear because he was so loud. Hahaha! It's awesome having a boyfriend who is excited to get a phone call. I love him! I really do love him. Anyways, I continued my day by walking around, going to a skate park, and ended up renting a movie and getting some Mexican food. I rented two movies, "Me, Myself and Irene" and "Life as A House". Both movies are very good. I really like Jim Carrey. He's very funny. But there is no competition with Hayden Christensen who is the troubled son in "Life as A House". He sure is yummy. Hehehe! So, right now I am watching the news. Who knew it was on as late as 2 in the morning! Oh, I just heard the door close, so dad must be home. Hopefully his pants are on. Well, I'm going to go to bed after I say goodnight to dad. Bye.

June 27
The last two days have been pretty boring, good thing dad has satellite. When all your friends are gone, you always have TV. Dad still hasn't apologized for forgetting to pick me up, but he did say we'll "hang out" this weekend…yeah, sure. I went on dad's computer yesterdayy and went on-line and talked to Emma and Shane. They both miss me a lot, or at least that's what they told me. Maybe they are relieved that I'm gone, maybe they were getting tired of my stories of why I hate my life and my mom and Tom. But other than that they haven't been doing much either. Emma said that her family will be going to Palm Springs for a week and can't wait to see all the hot studs. I love Emma! She is always there for me, no matter what. Out of all the friends I have, she's the one who listens to every word I have to say, even when I complain. I hope she does have fun. Shane seemed to be a little quiet, hopefully nothing is wrong. He said that his parents have continued to fight. I feel bad because usually I'm his support; his over night stay and sometimes have to act like his mother. When we first starting going out his parents were so happy, but it just started to fall apart after their careers started to take over their lives. I told Shane that I loved him and that I'd call him this weekend.
Guess what! Guess who called! FLYNN! Yeah, so, Flynn and I are suppose to go out and he is going to "show me the town" on Friday night. I hate to admit it, but I'm excited. I can't even remember the last time Shane took me out. We just usually stay at his house while his parents are working and we watch MTV or what ever is on HBO. Maybe it would be nice to get out again. I hope we have fun. Flynn is a very nice guy actually…
Flynn: "Hey there beautiful!"
Me: "Hey?"
Flynn: "It's me, Flynn, the guy who served you the Cookies'N'Cream."
Me: "Oh hi! How are you?"
Flynn: "I'm good, how are you? I hope you are very good 'cause I want to show you the town on Friday."
Me: (wow!) "Ok? That would be fun just as long as I buy you Ice Cream this time. Hehe."
(I felt like such a dork!)
Flynn: "Well, that wasn't in my plan…. But okay."
Me: "Well, what was your plan?"
Flynn: "I wanted to take you to our huge bookstore. And then….."
Me: "What! How'd you know I liked books?"
Flynn: "I could tell when you were looking at the ice cream. You were concentrating so hard. Plus, I can read people easy."
Me: "Cool! Well, then it's a date."
Flynn: "Okay, then I'll pick you at 7."
The rest of our conversation was pretty much about our past including old loves, families and friends. Flynn is already attracted to my life. I don't want to sound conceited, but I can so tell. When I talked and shared and complained he listened and I didn't feel dumb at all. I feel accepted, and you know what he is a Christian too. But in a way I do feel guilty. Shane, oh Shane. I love him, plus it's not like I'm giving my heart to Flynn. Oh well, it's summer, I'm going to have fun with or with out guilt on my shoulders. Well, I'm tired, so I'll write after my date. Ah! What should I wear? Excitement is running through my blood. Bye!

June 27 (12:30)
Well, I guess that it really is the 28th. So the date was good. We went to this giant bookstore, there had to be like a million books. Of course I bought some, about 5! Okay, I admit, I'm a bookworm. After the bookstore we walked around. They have a mall, isn't as big as the Beverly Center, but it was decent. There were all the trendy stores: Pac Sun, Hot Topic, Gap, and Wet Seal. I bought some clothes. Gees! I must sound like a spoiled brat. Well, I'm not this is my hard earn money, well and some of mom's money. Flynn and I talked more about himself as we traveled through this small town. We actually have some stuff in common. He is a little over a year older. He loves T.V and music. He's a Christian boy, always a plus. Hehehe. That's just some of the stuff. I told him about Shane and our relationship, he seemed to be cool with it. I think I'm falling for him though. Wait! What?! I can't be falling for him. I still love Shane. Wow, okay I need to think about this. Well, we are going out again tomorrow. We might head to skate park to meet his friends; he said he took the whole week off. Shane never did that for me. Okay, I need to stop comparing these two. Well, I'll write later tomorrow.

June 31st
Hi! Flynn is over right now. We're waiting for the pizza to arrive. We are going to rent some movies since dad's out for the afternoon/evening. I'm actually enjoying my time here, thanks to Flynn. Imagine what it would be like if I didn't know anyone and it was just me, dad, and Betsy. YUCK!!! No way would I have survived. So yesterday I met Flynn's friends, they are very nice. I think we might catch up with them at a party tomorrow. This is sort of random and I hate that I'm about to admit this, but I actually miss mom. I never really have until now; we've been apart for like a week or more. Yeah, so I'm a little bored. I wonder what Emma and Shane are up to. Well, I'll write you later.

July 2nd
Hello. I'm not in a good mood. I got my period. I hate this. I don't enjoy it, especially since I'm on vacation. What a bummer! So the other night was fun with Flynn. We ended renting "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". I love those movies. We had lots of fun, we ate cookie dough, ordered more pizza after finishing that first one we ordered. I haven't talked to Shane or Emma since like last week. I miss them. Oh yeah, so let me continue about last night. So, we watched the movies and ate a lot of food, and then his friends called him and told us about a party that was near the high school. We got to the party at like 10:30 or so. It was fun. I met a lot of students from Columbine High. Some were there when the shooting happened; some knew people who were there at the time. All of them were really nice and funny and open for any conversation. I actually shared some of my stories about my Los Angeles experiences. They were really amazed by the one story of me going to a party at this guy's house I didn't even know and meeting all these people and then forgetting their names the next Monday at school. That party was like a week after Prom. After sharing all my "amazing" stories Flynn and I went on a walk around the block and while we were under the moon he looked in my eyes and said:
Flynn: "Can I Kiss you, cause I really want to?"
Me: "Um, I have a boyfriend."
Flynn: "Okay. I totally respect that."
Me: "Well, I have a question too."
Flynn: "Yes?"
Me: "This one kiss won't matter, right?"
And you know what? I went on my tippy toes and kissed him. It was nice. I have kissed any guy other than Shane for like 2 1/2 years. Flynn's lips were warm and soft. It's funny but at the time I was wondering if he used Chap Stick. Aren't I silly sometimes? Oh my goodness. Was that considered cheating? I'm not going to worry about it…. Not until I get home. I can do this, right? Well, I'm going to go.

July 10th
Wow, it's been a while, like a week or more. I've been really busy, with Flynn. I keep thinking that I'm falling in love with Flynn. I talked to Shane yesterday, he's doing fine. He said that him and Emma are hanging out together. I'm not worried though. I trust them. I mean they wouldn't do that to me. I'm too nice. Okay, well now I'm starting to worry. Okay, I'm going to go call Emma to see how she is and if she sounds different. Love you!

July 12th
Yeah, so, it's been boring. Flynn has been busy with work and school. I need a job. Where should I look? I'll go to the mall here and check out what they have to offer. Yeah, so lately I've been feeling really awkward around Flynn. And I feel bad about cheating. This is so inappropriate. I have no idea what to do. And I keep getting the answering machine when I call both Shane and Emma. I'm so scared that there's something going on between them. Maybe I deserve it, I mean I'm cheating so it cancels out, right? Oh gosh, this reminds me of my mother. "Two wrongs don't make a right." How annoying is that motto. What should I do? Okay, I'm going to go to the mall; I'll be back later to write some more.

5:45 PM
Hi again. So I went to the mall and filled out a few applications and I actually got a job. It's at the clothing store Forever 21. I met the manager and she was really nice, and I told her my situation and how I'm only here for a month and half more. My first day will be next Thursday. So I'm really excited. I have to call Flynn, Shane, Emma and Mom. She'll be so excited and proud of me. Honestly, it's really hard to get a job and it's even harder for me to do something and hear mom tell me how proud is of me. So while I was at the mall I met some girls who worked there and they seemed really nice. They all go to school at the University Of Colorado, but they were on vacation. You know what?! They knew Flynn. They went to school with him in high school. We talked about him and I told them how we met. It was a little weird and unexpected, but they told me that I shouldn't get attached because he is a player. Hahaha! My little, innocent Flynn…. a player??? Yeah, okay, sure. Well, we all exchanged numbers and might even hang out this weekend. How very exciting! Oh, so I really need to call Shane and Emma, I'm starting to get worried about those two. They are acting so weird. Okay, talk to you later.


July 13th
Today I am so bored. I have nothing to do. I have a few days before my first day at Forever 21. I'm really excited about that. I called Shane last night. He is doing well. I told him how much I missed him and he said the same thing. But our conversation was very awkward, I guess:

Me: "Hey Babe!"
Shane: "Hey… ahhh..Cutie."
Me: "How are you? I miss you so much? What have you done to keep yourself occupied while I was gone?"
Shane: "I'm doing good, I miss you too." (I sensed a little hesitance) " I haven't done anyone…ahh… I mean anything since you've be been gone."
(NOTE: of course I was really suspicious, but I didn't say anything!!!)
Me: "hmm…. Oh, I'm surprised, you're always busy when I'm around." Shane: "That's because I have to try and make time for everything else while I'm with you. Now that your not here, I just have everything else, which isn't all that exciting."
Me: "Oh, so how's work? Has there been any big parties since school let out?"
Shane: "Um, work is okay, it's boring, but all work is. There was this one really cool party last weekend. I was full of teenyboppers, graduates, college kids, and loaners. I didn't really enjoy it since you weren't there, so I hung out with Emma most of the time."
Me: " How is Emma? I need to call her, I miss her a lot too. Do you guys hang out a lot?"
Shane: " She is doing good. She works a lot, but we try and hang out every once in a while. I mean, we only have each other when you're not here. We usually go to the promenade or movie or what ever."
Me: "Fun! Okay, well there's someone clicking in, so I'll talk to you later."
Shane: " Okay, you better get that. Love you!"
Me: " Love you too!"
Shane: " Bye."
Me: "Bye bye!"



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