With all the carping Democrats do about Bush over the popular and necessary actions he has taken with regards to prosecuting the War on Terror, it's a shame that they miss some some of his truly offensive actions. The Bush Administration is refusing to take a position on illegal aliens obtaining US identification. This is a real security issue, as well as an economic issue, but the Democrats don't want to take advantage of it, so Bush gets away scott-free.

Bush administration officials yesterday angered lawmakers by refusing to take a position on illegal aliens obtaining U.S. driver's licenses and avoiding questions about its decision to recognize Mexican identification cards. ...

Critics say the cards issued by the Mexican Embassy are easily falsified and used by illegal aliens to establish residency.

Stewart Verdery, Homeland Security assistant secretary, was asked directly whether states should issue identification cards to people who are in the United States illegally.

"I am not aware that the department or administration has taken a position on that," Mr. Verdery said.

A frustrated Rep. John Shadegg, Arizona Republican, responded: "It seems to me the administration had better get a policy, pretty quick."

Mr. Verdery told the panel yesterday the card can be "reliable in some cases," which committee Chairman Christopher Cox, California Republican, called a conflicting statement and a "problem."

"I can't imagine anything more unclear than for Homeland Security to say it may be good sometimes," Mr. Cox said.

Hopefully Republicans won't by shy about criticizing this kind of absurdity; if Gore were in office, mainstream Republicans would be all over him.



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