Am I the only one who thinks men are funnier than women? I don't think so. Susie over at Practical Penumbra lists some of her favorite funny bloggers and notices that they're all men. She says it's odd, but is it?

All the funniest comedians are male, in every media -- stand-up, TV shows, movies, books, you name it. When women are in the comedy genre, they usually play the straight "man", putting up with the male comedians' nonsense with a sigh and a shrug. Furthermore, most comedies are aimed at men, and those demographers know what they're doing; I bet that female-targeted comedies bomb in the box office. Can you even name one? Ugh.

To get closer to home, I don't know any funny females. I know women who think they're funny, and occasionally they are, but they can't compete with my funny male friends. Most of the time though, they don't even try. Women like to think they have a good sense of humor, but those that do normally show it by their ability to get the good jokes, not their ability to tell them.

So I have a question: am I missing something? Maybe men and women have difference types of humor, and in most male-dominated social settings the male humor dominates; since I'm male, maybe all my experiences are tainted by that domination, and I never get to see women being funny amongst themselves. Does that happen? When women are alone, are they funny in some way that's appreciated more by women than be men?

That seems like the most logical explanation to me. Women are -- for whatever reason -- less socially aggressive, and since humor is often an aggressive behavior women may tend to have their humor subdued when there are men around. But that still doesn't account for why women comedians aren't funny in artificial settings such as stand-up comedy and movies.

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