In a comment to my earlier post about dismantling the terrorist leadership structure, TM Lutas (from Flit) wrote that:

Well, yes and no. You're right that taking out leadership is the way to win the war on terror but the real leadership that ultimately has to be destroyed is the one that creates the religious framework that creates the terrorist structure.
I'm not sure I agree.

It appears to me that the whole religious aspect of the Western Civilization vs. Arab Muslims conflict has been built up artificially, and that the hostile (largely Wahabi) Muslim imams are nothing more than tools used by the Arab power-brokers to incite their Muslim foot-soldiers. The "Arab street" may see America as the Great Satan, but I bet those in power in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, and elsewhere are much more pragmatic. They want to maintain their power, and they prop up the Muslim death-cult as a means of furthering this goal.

If that's the case, then the critical component to winning the War on Terror isn't targeting this religious infrastructure. Even though the terrorists are using Islam against us in a powerful and effective manner, there isn't any real need to confront their schools, mosques, and religious leaders directly -- these aren't the fundamental forces driving our opponents. Arab/Wahabi Islam will have to be taken apart and rendered harmless for ultimate peace and prosperity to be secured, but I expect that such dismantling will occur naturally (and quickly)once the Arab despots are deposed and disposed of.



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