Is it just my site, or does Technorati not know how to count? It will often find new links to Master of None and display them, but it won't actually add them to the tally at the top of the page. I've been at "42 Inbound Blogs, 86 Inbound Links" for ages, despite the fact that new blogs link to me, and blogs with existing links will often create new links.

Ah well, it's still a pretty nifty tool, and I visit everyone I find who links to me. Generally, I'll also add a link back to you on my sidebar, even if you "only" link to a post of mine and don't blogroll me.

Particularly new blogs! I'm thankful to all the established bloggers who were willing to link to me when I was getting started, and I'm happy to pass that favor along (for what it's worth). If you want me to link to you, all you have to do is post something related to my interests and call my attention to it... or even easier, link to me.



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