Ok, buckle up.

- Daniel Drezner says that a reader of his who wrote to the Sacramento Bee about the censoring of Dan Weintraub got back a nasty email. I got back an email myself:

Dear Mr. Williams: Thanks for the e-mail. I thought you might find it interesting to know that the Sacramento Bee was founded in 1857, so The Bee has been around for a many years. Tony's upcoming Sunday column will be a follow up to last Sunday's column. Stephanie Christensen, Admin. Asst.
Uh, ok. (?)

- Tiny Little Lies on terminology:

I was just reading about the idiotic deal in California, where they're giving illegal aliens drivers' licenses. I find it highly amusing that they call these people "undocumented aliens."

It occurred to me that we should be just as kind to other criminals. For example, burglars are "temporary residents without papers," and rapists are "undocumented boyfriends."

- Adam the Single Southern Guy calls for a national blogger association. Count me in!

- Future Pundit Randall Parker writes about carbon nanotubes, but doesn't mention space elevators!

- Grouchy Old Cripple Denny Wilson posts a chain letter that looks too good to be true. And looks suspiciously like the Democrat Party fundraising mail I get.

- Iain Murray laments the loss of British virtues. Take note, America.

- Ross, The Bloviator, considers no-fault medical malpractice. It sounds like a bad idea at first, and Ross concludes that that first impression is correct.

- Eric the Viking Pundit trashes class warfare but good, with nice quotes from all over.

- Candace thinks Bush is cute, but even more fascinating, she discusses the possibility of women stopping menstruation entirely.

- Megan tells us how she went from right, to left, and mostly back to right again.

- John Callender thinks Bush is finished. We'll see! Maybe it's all part of some sort of brilliant scheme!



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