Beth over at Mutated Monkeys writes about "Getting Along", partly in response to my earlier post about "Jews for Jesus". She says that Jews for Jesus uses deceptive claims to woo Jews to Christianity, but the instances she mentions only seem deceptive to her because of her own system of beliefs, which is itself the topic of discussion to Jews for Jesus.

I don't know much about the organization, and they may in fact advocate theology that I would disagree with, as well.

Mainly, I wanted to address one sentence of Beth's:

So here's where I stand: I support perfect freedom of religion, so long as the religion in question doesn't want to impose its beliefs on me, either by trying to convert me to it, or by intertwining the religious and the secular into law.
There are two separate issues here that she conflates unjustifiably. On one hand, I too would not approve of any religion (or person) imposing its beliefs on me; on the other hand, mere proselytization cannot be properly characterized as "imposition" of beliefs.

Along with freedom of religion and freedom of speech comes the freedom to attempt to convert others to your beliefs through peaceful proselytization. Beth appears to advocate proscribing such activities, and doing so would require abridging one of these fundamental freedoms.

Here is an earlier essay about "Religious Freedom" emerging in the Middle East, and the role of Christian missionaries.



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