Let's say you buy a new car, and that one week later a truck kicks up a rock that cracks your windshield. That would suck, but no big deal -- it's only a little crack.

Three years later, the crack as extended across the whole length of your windshield. "Time to get that fixed," you say to yourself. You spend $200 to have the windshield replaced, and the car looks great. You can even see pedestrians and stoplights!

But then, two weeks after getting your windshield fixed, you're parked at work and a golf ball from the neighboring driving range smashes into your new window, shattering it. Are you happy? Probably not. You talk to the manager of the driving range, and he offers to have the windshield repaired, at his expense.

That's good, but you're still miffed. If the ball had hit your windshield two weeks earlier, you could have saved $200! Or... if you had procrastinated just a little longer. But you couldn't do it. Your friends pressured you into getting it fixed now. Everyone was doing it, after all.

When the repairman comes to replace the windshield, he can see how recently it was installed and asks how much you paid. "$200." He laughs. Don't worry, this time you're getting the good stuff, he assures you.

What's the lesson here? Procrastination pays off, just stick with it.



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