It appears that the "vanishing text" problem in Internet Explorer is very common with the default Movable Type templates. A great many MT sites have the same symptoms: text disappears and reappears when highlighted, or when the window is scrolled.

I finally fixed it, with some aid from Cypren and the internet (click here for details); the problem appears to have a single source: absolute positioning. Go through your CSS and eliminate every "position: absolute" attribute, and your problem will be solved. It looks like IE doesn't like large floaters.

You'll probably do well to replace the "position: absolute" attributes with "position: relative", and then use tables to lay out your page. Replace every <div id=???> tag with <td id=???> and the appropriate table and rows, and you should be fine. Yes, using tables is cheating, but if IE doesn't want to play nice then there really isn't another option.

I applied the fixes to my comments windows and archives as well, so let's hope I got everything. Let me know if you still see any strange artifacts with IE, or any other browser.

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