Never one to pass up the opportunity to do some actual reporting, I'll give you the obligatory-blogger-impression of airport security from my recent trip to Missouri. The security was mostly brisk and professional, and there were officers everywhere... ah heck, let's just cut to the chase.

Want to know what I found in the stall of the men's restroom at LAX?

Airport food-service ID badges. What's really odd though is that even if it makes sense for Jose to take off the badge on the lanyard while he's using the bathroom, why did he remove the tiny rectangular name-tag from (presumably) his shirt?

Update & Correction:
Some commenters have written that "MICROS" is the name of a food-service computer system that helps waiters keep their orders straight, and that this badge isn't likely to give access to anything other than the computer system at some nearby airport eatery.

Oh well! On one hand, my find is less impressive... but on the other hand there wasn't a terrorist plot taking place in the mens room. Too bad my first Instalanche was built on a non-story.



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