Dean Esmay links to an article by Jerome Zeifman and agrees with his conclusion:

With Democratic propaganda spreading widely, at least one prominent conservative, Paul Weyrich, chairman of the Free Congress Foundation, now is advising the White House to be prepared for the introduction of impeachment resolutions. Based on my own experience with impeachment politics, I agree with his advice.

In my case, I believe that political parties that thrive on demagoguery destroy themselves. These days I fear that the Democratic Party that I have known for 60 years now may be close to extinction.

There's a world of difference between introducing impeachment proceedings and actually executing an impeachment, much less getting a conviction. I don't think that Mr. Esmay or Mr. Zeifman believe that President Bush could actually be ousted from office, but it does look like they believe that a Republican-dominated House might actually impeach him -- which I think is absolutely impossible. What's more, there's no reason to believe that the Democrats could regain a majority in the House in the forseeable future.

Maybe they are only referring to the "introduction of impeachment resolutions", and not their actual passage. I agree that such a move would be convincing evidence that the Democrat party is determined to self-destruct.



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