Maybe "fool" is too strong a word, but that's what comes to mind. Check out this comment thread over at Quiet Here.

The problem I have with most "liberals" (i.e., leftists) is that although they aren't purposefully fascist, they seem to think that they can bring about an "ideal" society -- utopia -- by forcing people to behave properly. Christopher, who writes in the comment section (and blogs here), isn't ill-intentioned, but he doesn't want to face the reality that many of his positions are untenable, and many of his policies are impossible to implement; in the attempt to create the utopia he desires, he would instead bring about the wholesale elimination of the freedoms he values. Example:

And about getting what you deserve, i'm sorry but i don't agree at all. people do what they have to do to support a family. It doesn't mean that they decided that they wanted to get paid less. They decided that a meager meal was better than no meal. But it doesn't mean they don't deserve better. I'm not asking for Government intervention, I just want to see corporations that actually care about their employees in a more than superficial way. I really need to know, do you look at Enron or WorldCom or the New York fucking Stock Exchange and not get upset? I mean, these are the businesses we trust. Besides what workers get paid, isn't there something, some kind of justice that needs to take place with these guys? And I don't mean slap on the wrist now enjoy the bahamas kind of justice, I mean you fucked over a lot of people and now you're going to pound-me-in-the-ass-prison justice. Shouldn't that happen? Why isn't it?
He wants companies to "care" about their workers, and he's willing to throw executives into "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison if they don't "care" enough. (Note: the criminals at Enron and WorldCom are being prosecuted, as far as I know).

I use scare-quotes around "care" because what he really means is that he thinks workers should get paid more. But workers agree to work for a certain wage when they agree to take a job; maybe they'd like to earn more, but if no one is offering to pay them more then by definition they don't "deserve" more. If you have a job, then both you and your employer have agreed to the wage you're paid. You can ask for a raise and leave if you don't get it, but the idea that you somehow "deserve" more is pure fantasy. Christopher's solution? Not government intervention! Just throw the executives in prison.

Christopher accuses me of arrogance, but what I am is realistic. Sure, it would be nice if everyone were paid a million dollars a year, right? Except that if they were, a million dollars wouldn't be worth anything anymore, and people would still be poor.

Striving for perfection is noble, but it's important to be able to accept the fact that sometimes reality will not match up to your ideals. Not because people are "mean" or don't "care enough", but because the numbers just don't add up. In such cases you can either attempt to force reality to fit your idealistic fantasies, or you can compromise and try to make the best out of the circumstances that you face. It's tempting to never give up your ideals and to go down in flames (cf. European socialism), but in the end all you end up with is charred remains (cf. the former USSR).

If you are wise enough (and humble enough) to resist this temptation, you can compromise your ideals and take what you can get, make the best of your situation; reality is a harsh mistress, and you won't get everything you want.

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