I know it's not particularly profound, but I like girls. I'm not (just) talking sexually. I really like being around women, from little girls to old ladies. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Women are utterly fascinating. I love eavesdropping on girls talking to each other about "girl stuff"; some of it's so odd and nonsensical, but I feel like it gives me some insight into the otherwise impenetrable female mind. I want to understand how women think, and what they think about; it's like some sort of quest.

I like it when I'm talking with a girl, and she just carries the conversation away on some random tangent. This blog is mostly devoted to you all listening to me, but in real life I'm a pretty good listener myself, and I can listen to a woman go on for hours without losing interest. To tell the truth, most of the time I'm not that interested in what she's saying exactly, but on what her words reveal about her. That makes it sound like women are some sort of science project to me, but that's not it.

I want to grok women. Why do they do such strange things? What do those mysterious looks mean, those almost imperceptible glances that disappear in a blink as soon as I notice them? What do girls think about when they're alone? Do they know what I'm thinking about them?

I love girls with expressive faces. I love it when girls get excited about things, like going out somewhere new, learning some bit of trivia, or just talking on the phone. I love girls that like to play games, and play to win; I love girls that want me to try my hardest, and will keep playing no matter who's winning. I love how girls look when they're too happy to contain themselves, and I love the furrowed brow when they're deep in thought.

I love girls that know when to be girly, and who revel in their femininity. Sometimes it's all about business, but sometimes that business is flirting and laughing and brushing up against me while we walk. I love it when a woman makes herself pretty just for me. I love women who let me open the door for them sometimes, and don't complain if I want to pick up the check.

I'll probably never really understand women, but I'm grateful for the many females in my life, young and old. You make the world a much more interesting place, a more beautiful place, a more livable place. I think about you, I miss you when we're apart, and I'm eager to see you again. Your smiles and frowns move me and touch my heart, and you know there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.



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