I love Halloween. It's probably my "favorite" holiday of the whole year. Sure, Christmas has that whole Jesus thing going on -- Easter, too -- but Halloween is by far the most interactive holiday in our culture. Scary decorations and costumes, candy, running around the neighborhood in the dark... those pagans sure knew how to have a good time!

As of yesterday, there are 60 days until All Hallow's Eve, and many stores already have some displays set up. It's strange that anyone would be stocking up on ghost-shaped Peeps this soon, but they sure are tasty. Decorations are also out for perusal and purchase, but I normally refrain until the post-Halloween sales fire up in November.

That being the case, my friends and I have hundreds, even thousands of dollars of Halloween paraphenalia in storage that we bought last year in anticipation of this year's extraveganza. Every year we spend a week or more constructing a haunted house, and every year is better than the one before. It's great fun, and a good number of various people from church help out from time to time.

As for me, there's nothing scarier than evil little girls. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe it's from early exposure to "The Shining". Those two sisters are seriously creepy. Needless to say, I'm already making arrangements to dress up some of the kids from church as scary undead children.



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