Adam writes about finding "The One", and I want to add my $0.02.

However, we all need love. We want people who care what happened today. We want people who know what we’re saying. We need people to talk to, cry on their shoulders, cry laughing with, to be down with, and to be pick us up. The extrapolation of this is the need for “The One.” It is an instinctual, spiritual, and insurmountable need and drive to seek out a person who fulfills those needs and desires. We hope to find that person. Hope is closely related to the opportunity available to you and your experiences. Whether acknowledged or not, it is most people’s hope to realize and hold to the person they recognize as their partner, their best friend, their soulmate, “The One.”
I don't, personally, think there is a "The One" that needs to be found. I think that there are probably a great many women with whom I could build a happy, successful marriage. Even still, it's not easy to find "A One" (or however you'd want to say it).

I generally try not to go too far out of my way. If I'm going to find someone who will decide to love me, she's probably going to be in the same types of places that I go to myself. She won't be identical to me -- I hope -- but she'll probably share some of my interests; I'm not likely to meet her at a rave or a strip club, for instance.

Mostly, I just live my life and try to make myself into a person that will be "A One" for the type of girl I hope to attract. I've probably got a long way to go, but I'm working on it.

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