Let's say I went to a movie theater, and the people behind me won't quit talking, even after I ask them to. In fact, they're sneaking beer into the theater and carrying on amongst themselves continuously. I go to the manager, and he refuses to give me a refund or to do anything about the people behind me. The manager says that they've already emptied the registers of cash; the theater is "closed" and we're in the last show of the night. He offers vouchers to another movie, but I refuse to ever return to the theater, so those are no good to me.

Would it be wrong for me to extort the manager by threatening to call the police, the state health department, and the ATF if the manager doesn't refund my money by any means necessary (including from his own pocket)? Every theater is certain to have multiple health hazards that would require clean-up before the establishment could pass an inspection, and there are minors consuming alcohol on the premisis -- it's not as if I'd have to lie about anything.



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