Oh fine, so the title doesn't make sense. It made me laugh.

Bustamante has been ordered to return $4 million given to him by Indian tribes.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A judge on Monday blocked Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (search) from using millions of dollars raised by an old campaign committee for his recall election bid, even if the money is spent on ads ostensibly opposing an initiative on the same ballot.

Sacramento County Judge Loren McMaster ordered the more than $4 million raised by Bustamante's campaign committee before voter-approved campaign spending limits were in place to be returned to that old account. From there, the money could be returned to donors.
That's interesting, because it seems to tie into my much earlier question of "Where Does Gray Davis Get His Money?".

It doesn't look like you can roll money from one campaign into another. This is important, because if you could spend left-over money that was originally donated to campaign A on later campaign B, it would be impossible to enforce donor limits. Someone could give money to campaigns A and B, and then campaign A could fold and transfer all its money to campaign B; the donor could end up giving twice as much as allowed.

I'm not generally in favor of campaign finance restrictions, even though repealing the laws in place would help Democrats more than Republicans.



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