Arnold outlines the economic policies he would implement as governor in a Opinion Journal op-ed. It all looks great to me. I like Tom McClintock more on other issues, but I could certainly live with Arnold's economics.

[I have two liberal Democrat friends who recognize that Cruz Bustamante is slimy and crooked; they told me they could never vote for him. But they didn't like Arnold either, and I learned today that they both ended up voting (absentee) for McClintock. Isn't that odd? Go figure.]

And now back to the show: Here are Arnold's four main economic points.

- First, on taxes, I believe that not only should we not raise tax rates on anyone in California, but we have to reduce taxes that make our state uncompetitive. I married a Kennedy and I have always believed that President John F. Kennedy was absolutely right when he said in 1962 that "when taxes are too high, there will never be enough jobs or enough revenues to balance the budget." ...

- Second, the California state budget should not grow faster than the California family budget. We need to put teeth into a spending limit law through a constitutional amendment that caps state budget growth. ... California does not have a taxing problem, it has a spending problem. I will also create savings from outmoded and inefficient government agencies. ...

- Next, the worker's compensation system needs an overhaul. When I have asked business people around the state what is restraining their ability to expand here, they cite high taxes and unbearable workers' compensation costs. Businesses in California pay workers' compensation costs that are more than double other states.

- Fourth, I am a fanatic about school reform. To attract world-class, 21st-century businesses, we need a world-class education system. ... If schools are systematically underperforming, we will expand choice options for parents with charter schools and enforce public school choice provisions in the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

It's a good start.



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