I wonder if everyone else has been getting the same spams that I've been getting for the past few days? Let's see what's in my inbox (there was more of course, but here's a good sample):

02:47:46 AM aldotal2@aol.com Re: Details 98kb
02:44:23 AM Mike Is tomorrow good? 1kb
02:37:59 AM Dave Is tomorrow good? 1kb
02:37:43 AM tallorder@sc.rr.com Re: Thank you! 100kb
02:27:26 AM TDWP1@aol.com Re: Re: My details 100kb
02:17:28 AM MCRyders2@worldnet.att.net Re: Wicked screensaver 99kb
02:07:44 AM RGMITTS@EQUIVA.COM Your details 99kb
01:57:09 AM reader@wcn-online.com Re: Thank you! 101kb
01:47:38 AM karivcl@aol.com Re: Re: My details 99kb
01:37:44 AM jjfiedler@juno.com Re: That movie 102kb
01:28:53 AM Veronica Hotass I hate the crowded walk between classes, guys alwa... 2kb
01:27:53 AM LovlyLadynRed@talkmatch.com Re: That movie 102kb
01:23:37 AM Barnes & Noble.com Barnes & Noble.com -- Discover Great Savings on Ne... 9kb
01:17:30 AM 0.214bdbe5.2543db11@aol.com Your details 98kb
01:07:05 AM PBenn99172@aol.com Your details 103kb
12:56:45 AM 2Ckarivcl@aol.com Re: That movie 99kb
12:50:02 AM Jillian Sexy Blondes! 4kb
12:46:46 AM ebay@colorcase.com Thank you! 101kb
12:36:30 AM mahorn@earthlink.net Re: That movie 102kb
12:26:42 AM dpb67@aol.com Thank you! 103kb
12:15:55 AM hr@fbjohnston.com Re: Thank you! 102kb

Not nearly as bad as it could be!

Yes, I know they're from a virus, and I should have made that differentiation. Do emails sent by viruses count as "spam", or is that word reserved for unsolicited marketing emails? I don't see much difference. They both use programs to send emails to a wide audience that doesn't want them, and they both hope that you'll click through.



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