The WaPo reports on an idea being floated in Anne Arundel, Maryland, to punish misbehaving students by requiring their parents to come to school with them.

Students who break the rules in Anne Arundel County public schools may one day face a punishment that, for the typical kid, is far worse than detention: having to bring Mom or Dad to school with them for a day.

The idea -- essentially to embarrass students into good behavior without making them miss classroom time -- came from a task force of 20 Anne Arundel parents, teachers and educators working to revise the Code of Student Conduct. A draft of the group's proposals was presented to the county school board yesterday, and final approval of the code is due early next year.
I love alternative punishments, and I think that using public shame as an incentive for kids to behave properly is a great idea. After all, that's how the real world works. You do something stupid or rude, and people ridicule you. Peer pressure is essential for the survival of society; in fact, one of the greatest abnormalities of sociopaths is their apathy towards social mores.

One of the greatest flaws of our public education system is that public schools are nothing like real life. Each student only associates with others in their age group, and the social hierarchy is completely artificial -- based on looks, style, and presentation rather than any actual abilities or merit. Sure, some people in the real world get by on these things, but most of us don't.

I'm not a big fan of home-schooling, for many of reasons, but one advantage that it does have is that home-schooled kids tend to interact much more with people of widely varying ages. Diverse interactions can be had in other settings as well, and they're one of the chief social benefits of belonging to a church, in my opinion.



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