Part 1.

Ok, I haven't been following the gay-bishop story much, because I guess I just don't care. Those Episcopalians... sigh. I mean, it's hardly news these days when some "Christian" group does something that totally spits in God's face, right?

I wrote before about how many of "Rev." V. Gene Robinson's quotes implied to me that the whole bishop thing was really all about him, and not at all about building up his church or glorifying God. Some people thought I was taking the quotes out of context, or twisting them. Fine.

But hey, take a look at today's Bleat (like you haven't already).

This story has irritated me from the start, and it has nothing to do with Rev. Robinson’s sexual orientation. The guy left his wife and kids to go do the hokey-pokey with someone else: that’s what it’s all about, at least for me. Marriages founder for a variety of reasons, and ofttimes they’re valid reasons, sad and inescapable. But “I want to have sex with other people” is not a valid reason for depriving two little girls of a daddy who lives with them, gets up at night when they're sick, kisses them in the morning when they wake. There's a word for people who leave their children because they don't want to have sex with Mommy anymore: selfish. I'm not a praying man, but I cannot possibly imagine asking God if that would be okay. Send them another Dad, okay? Until you do I'll keep my cellphone on 24/7, I promise.
I had no idea that this guy had left his wife and family. Lileks has some more on marriage in general, which lines up with my own thoughts.
Heard an interview with Rev. Robinson this afternoon, and he used a phrase that set my teeth on edge: he referred to partnerships as “life-intentioned.” A wonderful weasel word, that: intention. The escape hatch is built right in. It’s as if the intention to stay together is equal to the expressed promise to stay together. But it’s not. Everyone had a faithless lover who did you wrong, and usually blamed everything but free will. It just happened, you know. Wasn’t intending to cheat, but . . . it just happened, okay?
In my mind, the fact that this guy broke his vow to God to honor and cherish his wife is way more important than the fact that he's gay. What scum.



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