A guy named Ken writes in the comments section of this post over at Oblivion that:

Point 3: Yeah, we need to keep the government out of education... That way every podunk school board in certain states can vote to teach creationism and throw science out the window. This is where I completely disagree with the conservatives. There needs to be a national standard for education at elementary and secondary levels. There should be a damn national core curriculum and a national standardized test. It's not government money (or lack thereof) ruining schools, it's teachers unions and lazy parents.
Who gets to determine these national standards? Why, Ken of course! Not those morons from other places with other ideas! Naturally. After all, Ken knows he's smarter than they are, so he -- and people who agree with him -- should be empowered to set the education standards for everyone! Who knows what crazy things parents will teach their kids without his intervention!

(Teachers' unions and lazy parents certainly don't help the situation.)

On the other hand, I have a different perspective. I think that education should be entirely privatized, and that the free market should determine what kids are taught. Parents, and kids, want to succeed in life, and they will naturally design and select schools that help them do so. There's no need for anyone to impose outside standards; in fact, as with all socialist proposals, the attempt to impose high-level government control will certainly fail.

I'm really amazed that anyone still buys into this socialist garbage. There's absolutely no evidence to suggest that the solution to America's education problem is to tighten government controls. The government has been in charge of education for nearly a century, and it has been a consistent failure. Every socialist experiment around the globe has crashed and burned. Why does anyone think that socialism will work for education? It's mind-boggling.



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