Much like He-Man and Skeletor, Frank J and Glenn R are locked in an eternal battle, the conclusion of which will determine the fate of the entire blogosphere. However, also like He-Man and Skeletor, it's not exactly clear that these two fellows actually operate within a very large universe. I mean, they each had a half-dozen buddies and spent most of their time fighting over a musty looking, run-down castle. The Sorceress was pretty hot, though. (Actually, not so much.)

Anyway, the point is that although Glenn R is vastly more powerful than Frank J, they're both Prince Adam to the real media He-Mans. They're squabbling brats fighting over the last gulp of puppy, while the adults are feasting on delectable monkey-marrow stew.

I've gotten emails from both sides soliciting my allegiance, but like the wily Swiss I'm going to have to stay neutral for the time being. Then, when the moment is right, I'll stab them each in the back, neatly severing their spinal cords and seizing control of the blogoverse for myself -- also like the Swiss.

Let's keep that last part a secret for now. [Don't worry, no one's reading this nonsense anyway -- Ed.]



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