I'm going to add a few new blogs that I've been reading for a little while to the roll on the left. I'm sure that a link from me won't increase their traffic a great deal, but I'd like to call attention to some of the good stuff I've seen recently.

The Tocquevillian Magazine -- A good "radical right-wing reactionary" site based on the philosophies of Alexis de Tocqueville. Today they've got pics up of the UN bombing in Baghdad.

The Blog of Chloë and Pete -- I found them before Glenn did, so there. I was searching on the name "Chloë" because I think it's cool, and if I have kids I want to give them names with umlauts. There doesn't actually appear to be a Chloë on the site, but the author (Jessica) is is pretty entertaining.

Opinions You Should Have -- Brilliantly titled, and quite funny. Parody and satire, delivered fresh to your door, and aimed at my favorite targets.

The Noble Pundit -- Writes about looking for a job and how the internet really has changed the job market significantly. Lots more good stuff.

Stupid Evil Bastard -- Good commentary on tech-related news, and a name that's fun to say!

Ghost of a Flea -- Moved to Movable Type a couple of months ago and I kinda lost track, but stupid me! He's from Canada, but it's ok because he likes guns. I want to learn that, too.

Ok, more later. The Batphone's ringing and I've gotta run. To the lab!



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